Episode 5: Nerd Rage


In this episode Justin and Joe are joined by fellow nerd Vince Robinson. We FINALLY have the versus debate of Microsoft vs Mac! Joe has a massive nerd rage moment over a stupid skier and her opinion of pro gaming and much more in your everything nerdy show!

Episode 2: MOVIES!!!!



Episode 2: MOVIES!!!

In this episode Justin and Joe is joined by Jesse (Frosted Fricks) and Rikki. We talk about our week in nerdom and spend most of the episode talking about the upcoming nerd movies of 2016 as well as VR gaming!

Episode 1: Star Trek Vs Star Wars




In our first Episode of Nerding Out we talk about star trek episode VII (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!), our week in nerd life, a bit about ourselves and we talk about the age old debate of Star Wars vs Star Trek. Our conclusion may surprise you….or may not.


Episode 0: HELLO WORLD!

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Hello World! this is our intro episode of Nerding Out (with Justin and joe). We basically spend a couple of min introducing the show and what we are about and what the show is about. take a quick listen! The first full length episode of nerd awesomeness will be coming out Jan 5th 2016 at 9pm est. We will be recording live at: twitch.tv/nmgamingshow